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Topics: Crime, Gang, Illegal drug trade Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: November 24, 2013
-Need scantron #288
-Door close 5 minutes after the hour, quiz will start at 10 minutes after the hour -No one ail be allowed to take a quid once it begins
-So be on time!!!!, Bring the right scantron form!
-If you are going to be late or miss a quiz, let me know please via email ASAP Grades

Gangs can be the surrogate family for younger kids

Seattle Study=Risk Factors

Introduction to Gangs
-We will focus on street gangs behaviors

No standard definition for gangs that is used to define a gang nationally

Themes of our Quarter
-Tree or more definitions
-Association (group Identifier) with each other
-Involved in criminal behavior
-Note any type of criminal behavior, infraction, misdemeanor or felony level conduct -Infraction can be buying beer, graffiti, buying cigarettes... -Experiencing violence will change you
-Combat veteran sons fit the scheme of serial killers
-You will behave like your group (Group Behavior)
-Act like your group your in.
-Fudge Factor: Brain Maturation
-They want to do the right thing sometimes they can't because mother nature has hosed them -Your body
-Alchohol, THC, violence, affect your brain maturation in your frontal lobe -Weed used to have 4% THC but now its around 14%-22%
-Weed is listed as a class 1 drug
-US has less than 5% of the worlds population and we consume over half of the worlds illegal drugs -Kids process information differently at different age
-Women process information differently than men

American Violence
-Why talk about violence first?
-Violence is the language of street gangs and is used as a tool. -We first have to consider the history in America
-The violence we know today has been around the country since before the settlers -The media is one of biggest propaganda tools in the world and manifest ideas of the world especially regarding violence -Fact A: We have

-Fact C:
-Fact F:

Microwave America
-Instant results...
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