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Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Drug addiction Pages: 4 (1081 words) Published: June 21, 2013
In the book In Ecstasy by Kate McCaffrey, this is what happens between best friends, Sophie and Mia. Sophie is the popular one, while Mia is more reserved and shy. So one night at a party when Sophie decides to try ecstasy, Mia follows her lead. Sophie enjoys the high and has fun, but for Mia it’s a completely different world. Ecstasy gives her the courage and self-esteem she lacks on her own. She is able to socialize with the crowd and even finds herself talking to one of the most popular boys in school. Mia has the time of her life. The girls attend a few more parties together, and each time Mia is determined to take ecstasy as a way to become this new, improved person. Yet as the time goes on, Mia doesn’t need Sophie anymore. She becomes attached to her new boyfriend, Lewis, and even more attached to this other person she has started to become. Sophie tries rekindling their friendship but discovers the duo no longer has anything in common. Mia begins taking more and more drugs in order to successfully be this happy, popular, carefree girl. Her grades slip, she continually loses weight, fights with her parents and convinces herself Sophie is simply jealous of her new life. One night at a party at her boyfriend’s house, Mia is brutally awakened to not only the dangers of drugs but to the type of person her boyfriend truly is. Yet at this point Mia is so addicted that she will stop at nothing to get her fix. Meanwhile Sophie and Mia’s family are forced to watch Mia destroy her life.

In 2011, fewer than one-fifth of Western Australian school students (18.4%) had ever used at least one illicit drug (Figure 1). This is a significant decrease from more than two-fifths (40.4%) in 1996.

Between 1996 and 2011, analysis also indicates significant decreases in consumption in the past year (36.4% vs. 16.3%), past month (24.2% vs. 9.5%) and past week (16.7% versus 5.2%).

No significant change since 2008

Every three years, school students in Western Australia are...
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