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Topics: Halogen, Chlorine, Electronegativity Pages: 3 (621 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Lab Report: Halogen Reactions


This experiment will allow for exploration into some of the properties of Group 17 elements (halogens) and their compounds. More specifically, the solubility properties of these halogens will be used to predict their reactions. The relative electronegativities of the halogens will be determined. Halides,such as Cl-, Br-, and I- will be used to make these determinations. Because this lab is qualitative rather than quantitative, there are no calculation and no measurements. We will be collecting and recording colorimetric evidence (e.g. recording the colors observed for each of the halogen solutions placed in the test tubes.


Begin with at least 12 clean test tubes.

Part I: Solubility Testing of the Halides

First, we will test the solubility of the halides using sodium salts (Na+). After adding a pea-sized amount of the solid chloride salt to a test tube, appearance and other observable properties will be noted. Then, 2mL of distilled water will be added to the test tube and agitated in an attempt to properly mix/dissolve the solution. Observations recorded. These steps will then be repeated using hexane as the solvent instead of water.

Part II: Solubility Testing of the Halogen

Make baseline observations of what each of the ions and molecules looks like in water and in hexane. First, 1mL of the aqueous (water) solution of iodine will be added to a test tube using a dropper in lieu of a graduated cylinder. Appearance of solution will be recorded. Then, 1mL of hexane will be added to the test tube mix. Observations of both layers will be recorded. Process repeated for bromine. For the third solubility test, 1mL of hexane will be added to a clean test tube. Then, 0.5mL of Clorox and 0.5M HCl (to make chlorine) are added. The color of each layer is noted.

Part III: Electronegativity Testing

This set of reactions will look at all possible combinations of two reactants, adding each...
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