No Country for Old Men Synopsis

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Sheriff, Telephone Pages: 4 (1711 words) Published: March 1, 2013
No Country for Old Men

Synopsis (pg. 159 - 198)

Sheriff Bell believes that young people have a difficult time growing up because they are not expected to grow up. He cites as an example the statistics of children being reared by grandparents, and he wonders who will raise these children’s children because they will not have grandparents willing to rear them. Loretta has taken responsibility for feeding the prisoners, engendering a love that causes them to return even after their release. Chigurh stops at a veterinarian supply store and buys medical supplies. He then goes to a drug store, sets his car on fire to cause a distraction, and takes some drugs for his wounded leg. He goes back to the motel and doctors his wound. He stays at the motel for five days. Wells goes back to the bridge to check on the money case. He sees it on the American side; he knows that if he had brought it over to Mexico, he would have lost it. Bell decides to drive down to Eagle Pass, and he tells his secretary, Molly, to call Loretta after he leaves. He spots a truck with a load in the back that is covered with a loose tarp that has come loose, and he stops it. The truck is carrying the bodies from the caldera, wrapped in plastic sheeting. He tells the driver to fix it. Chigurh goes to the lobby of the Eagle Pass motel and demands to see the register. When the clerk tells him that he cannot do that, Chigurh shoots him. He then goes to Moss’s room and finds the transponder. He believes that Moss is dead and that the Mexicans have the money. He goes to the lobby and waits for Carson Wells. When Wells arrives, Chigurh follows him to his room. Wells tries to make a deal with him, but Chigurh refuses and shoots him. Moss calls Odessa, and Carla Jean’s mother answers the phone. She resists getting Carla Jean on the phone. Moss tells Carla Jean to leave as soon as possible. Carla Jean reminds him that her mother is dying of cancer, but Moss insists. She must leave even if she has to...
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