Rels 2001 Midterm

Topics: Buddhism, Creation myth, Universe Pages: 6 (1536 words) Published: July 2, 2013
RELS 2001 Midterm Study Guide Spring 2013 Date: 7/2 You are required to bring Blue Books for the exam. They are available at the Student Government Office (4th floor, University Center, right above the bookstore) for free. I will collect all your Blue Books and redistribute them before the exam. Also, you will be strictly required to leave all your cell phones and bags (along with all reading materials) in the front of the class. Any kind of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Your midterm will consist of:

A) Objective Questions, including multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, True/ False questions and short answer questions. (65% of the midterm grade) B) You will be given two essay questions, from which you will choose one to answer. (35% of the grade) Use the readings, your class notes and slides to prepare for the test. No external material is required. You should be familiar with:

Augustine: Influential church theologian
Atman: A reference to essential self
axis-mundi: A universal center , connects and supports the heavens and the Earth, religious man seperates the world according to Axis Mundi baptism: The right of admission, use of water into the Christian church blueprint for society: how all creatures and physical things relate to each other and mandate the world view Brahma: In Hindu the creator of the world

Christian Cosmological Synthesis:
communitas:unstructured and temporary set of relationships based on shared ritual experience consecration:
Cosmogony: beginning of the universe and how everything begins Cosmos/ chaos:this is the city or organization/ ordered world that starts at the axis mundi and expands; no organization, no center no communication with heaven Crow creation story: Located in the upper plains of Wyoming, Montana and Dakotas covered with water old man who did everything, two small ducks found mud and everything from this kept bravest people=crow Dharma: the cosmic order, social duty, and proper behavior

Disenchantment: A loss or rejection of faith/beliefs/trust in validity of kachinas divine mother: God consists of feminine and masculine elements dyad: social group with two members
Eliade: Wrote the Sacred and Profane –Theorist argued that people are inherently religious despite the rise of secular life---was a pereenialist Elie Wiesel: Holocause survivor;ambiguous approach denial of God/Jews have the right to put God on trial Enlightenment:

Enuma Elish: A Babylonian text that in which Marmaduk dismembers Tiamats body in order to build the univers Evangelical: Believe that they should bring the gospel to the people where they are integrate culture to bring the gospel Ganges: River at the Eastern edge of India

Garuda Purana: one of the Puranas which are part of the Hindu body of texts known as smriti; recited as a part of funeral rites in Hinduis, Gautama Buddha:
Genesis 1: creates Earth and everything in it
Genesis 2-3: Creation of woman and man Garden of Eden, institution of marriage Gikuyu creation story:
Gnostic: according to Pagel in Gnostic text God had feminine and masculine characteristics Gospel of Mary: Mary’s account of Jesus’ ressurection
Gospel of Thomas: Conflicts with orthodoxy soul/mind=good body/matter-evil;often denied the bodily manifestation of Christ in human Jesus salvation through knowledge/enlightenment instead of faith hierophany / theophany: appearance or manifestation of God

Hindu Creation Stories:
Hindu Cremation Ritual:
Holocaust:400,000 Jewish killed in concentration camp
Hopi rituals:
initiation rituals:
Irenaean theodicy:

John Hick:Christian theologian that argues that even God himself could not achieve certain results without allowing us to struggle against evil and endure suffering Kachinas: The most important spiritual being in the Hopi religion Karma: Action or deed understood as that...
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