Topics: Smuggling, Illegal drug trade, Film Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Jessica Cruz
Cinema Appreciation
December 13, 2012
Final Exam Essay

When I decided to watch a movie for my critic paper I wanted a film that had a little bit of action, adventure and thriller. I came across the movie Contraband. The mise-en-scene of this film was based on Mark Wahlberg as Chris Farraday; he was a master drug smuggler who had tried to settled down in a normal life as a working dad and loving husband. But his wife in the movie Katie played by (Katie Beckinsale) had a teeage brother in the movie Andy played by (Caleb Jones). During the beginning part of the movie Andy was on a drug run trying to smuggle drugs in on a ship for a drug dealer name Tim played by (Giovanni Ribis) but during his drug run Andy was forced to drop a huge shipment of cocaine off the ship because customs was checking ship making sure it was drug free. And because of that Andy lands himself, Katie, Chris into a huge financial problem. Chris (Mark Wahlberg) tried to negotiate with Tim Briggs to pay him back the money that was lost cause of the cocaine drugs being dumped off the ship. However Tim only gives Chris and Andy 2 weeks to give him back the money that was lost due to him dumping the drugs off the ship. Chris now has to make the decision to get back into the game of smuggling drugs and trying to bring in counterfeit money to save his brother in law from being killed. Chris rounds up a few friends to go with him to Panama to help him pull off a scheme that involved counterfeit bills and Andy is picking up the drugs. But of course things didn’t go as planned leaving Chris and his friends in more trouble and in rough spots. I think that the editing of the movie was appropriate because the movie was based on a former drug smuggler that heads to Panama to score millions of dollars in fake money just to protect his brother in law Andy from Tim the guy he owes money too. The sound was effective in many ways because I felt that the beat of the “The Crew” was very...
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