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Engels, presentatie over het boekje.

I have chosen the book: "The Smuggler".
It is written by Piers Plowright.

The book has got eighty pages.
It's a nice book about Egyptian antiquities smugglers.
The most important people in the book are: Harker (the leader of the smuggler - gang)  Inspector Roland, (a police man), Zara (an accomplice from Harker), Don (an accomplice from Harker) and Fame (an accomplice from Harker).

A short piece from the book:
Emil Harker was a rich man. But this particular Tuesday evening, he was a worried man. He was more worried than he had ever been in his life. Harker was sitting at a desk in his office. His office was in a small forest hut.

Now I will tell a short resume about the book:
Emil Harker had a disagreement with Ezra, a member of his smuggler gang. Harker had thrown him out of the gang. Ezra didn't like that, and killed Harker. Ezra and his man had shot Harker dead, but after that they hung him up, so that it seemed that Harker committed suicide.

Later in the book Fame was kidnapped by Ezra.
Harker had written a mystery poem before his dead.
Nobody knows what it means, but Fame, Zara and Don will find it out… I have read this book with fun, it is an exciting, good book. Do you want to know more? Read it yourself.
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