1980: Miami Floridabbegin to Rise as the Crime Capital of the Nation

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In the 1980s Miami Florida was just beginning to rise as the crime capital of the nation, but it had been the drug capital for a decade. An estimated 70% of Cocaine imported to the U.S passes through South Florida. When president of Cuba Fidel Castro agreed to allow citizens to leave in response to a tough Cuban economy, many of them departed to the United States and landed in South Florida, unfortunately many of those allowed to leave were convicted criminals. Adding these dubious characters into the mix only served to dilute the population of law-abiding citizens, therefore increasing the crime rate in the city of Miami. Cuba wasn’t the only country that was responsible for the increasing crime rate in Miami throughout the 1980s; Colombia was heavily involved in the Cocaine business. From the movie Cocaine Cowboys, John Roberts, Mickey Munday, Rafa Cardona Salazar, Max Mermestein were all drug smugglers. They were in charge of getting the illegal narcotics into Florida. Jon Roberts flooded Miami with over $2 billion worth of cocaine throughout the '80s. He was also one of the drug traffickers who turned government informant. Roberts operated in the downtown Miami area and was an associate of Medellín Cartel during the growth phase in cocaine trafficking. Soon after he hooked up with Medellin Cartel he began using his own method to ship cocaine into the United States. He began orchestrating plane shipments of hundreds of kilos of cocaine a week. He was associated with Mickey Munday who is the last Cocaine Cowboys left alive. He too was also involved in the cocaine business during that time. Based on the Movie Jon Roberts was kind of like the thinker and Mickey Munday was like the pilot. Jon would think about where to deliver the drug and how to deliver the drug while Mickey on the other hand was the one who flew the drugs into Miami. In September 1986, FBI and Customs officials busted the the 38 years old trafficker jon Roberts. Columbia is South America’s fourth largest country. It is about 440,831 square miles long and the capital is Bogota with the population of 27 million people. Columbia greatest agriculture crops are coffee, and coca. "Columbia is one of the world largest producers of the drugs cocaine, and heroin producing 50,900 hectares of coca that they sold 75% to the United States." (CIA database) Drug dealers and drugs control Columbia and are the new Mafia and gangsters, who smuggle drugs in the United States, and make millions and millions of dollars a year. Smuggling had its greatest growth in the United States during the Prohibition Era. It became a full-fledged business for organized crime like the Mafia who ran Chicago in the 1920's. The drug dealers of Columbia are the modern day Mafia who used the power of drug money to control the government. The most famous drug dealers were Pablo Escobar, Jorge Luis Ochoa Valquez and Carlos Lehder Rivas, who controlled the drug trades in Columbia and were, at the time, the new Mafia. "By the year, 1984 the Medellin cartel had controlled 80 percent of the cocaine in the country." (Alternatives.com) Pablo Escobar was born in a small village of Rionegro seventeen miles outside Medellin. In 1976, police arrested him for possession of thirty-nine pounds of cocaine, but the officers where soon killed and 9 judges refused to hear the case due to death threats. The record disappeared and he was never tried. Soon he was worth over 2 million dollars that he used to buy himself a huge estate near the Magdalena river that included his own private zoo. Pablo Escobar built low cost housing and a hospital to get the people of Medellin on his side. In 1982, he was elected to the congress, which gave him immunity from arrest. On Nov. 18, 1986 charges where brought against Escobar, on bringing 16 tons of cocaine into the United States. The government of Columbia said they would not deport him because they feared for their lives. On, December 2, 1993, a group of military police shot...

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