3.1 communication

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3.1. Identify barriers to communication

When a support worker or service user uses language the other does not understand, for example when a support worker uses technical terms, or words a SU doesn’t come across every day for example, telling a SU they can’t have a chocolate bar because they have diabetes, the SU may still not understand why they cannot have a chocolate bar, or what diabetes is. Service users that have sensory deprivation may not be able to communicate as effectively, for example deafness is a barrier to talking to that person, sign language can be used. The environment can be a barrier to communication, if someone cannot climb stairs to an office or a doorway is too narrow for a wheelchair to fit. If a person is emotional, very upset or very angry it may cause problems with communication. If a SU speaks another language, or uses slang terms staff are not familiar with this can be a barrier to communication.

3.3. Describe in detail ways to check that communication has been understood

There are several ways to check if you have been understood, firstly you can verbally confirm this and ask the person to repeat it back, making sure everything has been explained. A support worker can also ask a SU if they know what individual key words mean so they can be certain they have been understood, and look at the SU to see if they look confused and upset or happy and clear. Judging the reaction will let you know if communication is understood, and taking actions step by step will also indicate if a SU has understood.

3.4. Identify sources of information and support or services to enable more effective communication.

Advocacy service will provide an advocate to speak on behalf of someone who cannot speak for themselves, the advocate makes sure decisions made are for the benefit of the individual and not another person. A speech therapist could help someone who struggles to communicate with words more skilled. A translator can...
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