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Can The Drug War Be Won?
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War on drugs can be defined as an initiative headed by the United States, assisted by other participating countries and humanitarian agencies, aimed at combating and reducing the illegal drug trade. As a campaign for war on drugs, the United States has introduced many drug policies and anti-drug laws which are aimed at discouraging production, distribution and consumption of psychoactive drugs, which are traded illegally. The term ``war on drugs’’ was for the first time used by Richard Nixon who was once a united state’s president and later, the term became popular as a result of media’s publicity. Although Richard Nixon declared war on drugs in 1971 the methodologies and policies used by his administration as part of the comprehensive drug abuse prevention and control Act of 1970 were a continuation of United State’s drug prohibition policies, which was enacted back in 1914. The drugs war cannot be won due to the fact all the efforts that have been involved on this war since its introduction has become unsuccessful in curbing the illegal trading of drugs. Instead of war on drugs where the authorities aims at eradicating the drugs trade perfectly the authorities should introduce ways of regulating production of these drugs, trading and possession of these drugs. This is because war on drugs only reduces supply and with increased demand thus leading to skyrocketing of prices for these drugs. This makes drugs trade a lucrative trade attracting more traffickers thus war on drugs cannot be won. The War on drugs has brought more harm than good due its many negative consequences. For example in United States drug war has led to three negative consequences as follows. First, the war on drugs has led to overcrowding in the population. The United States which leads this war has the largest population in their prisons due to high incarceration of those who are involved in illegal drug...

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