All Recreational Drugs Should Be Legalised

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Victimless crime Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: February 9, 2015

All recreational drugs should be legalised.
Drugs known to people for thousands of years. They are consumed by people of different cultures, for different purposes: during religious ceremonies, to recuperate, to relieve pain and discomfort. Until the early 20th century there were virtually no restrictions on the production and consumption of drugs. Sometimes, attempts were made to reduce or prohibit the use of certain substances, but they were short-lived and usually unsuccessful. Currently, the volumes of drug use are huge, and policy of most countries aimed at combating drugs by prohibitive measures against the spread of drugs. This essay will present the arguments for legalizing it, followed by the arguments again, finishing with a conclusion presenting the author’s position. Supporters of legalization of recreational drugs believe that the main reason is that it would eliminate the criminal market place. Making the production, supply and use of some drugs illegal creates a vacuum into which organised crime moves. Legalisation forces organised crime from the drugs trade, starves them of income and enables government to regulate and control the market. It also argued that legalization would make all drug use safer. Legalisation gives opportunity to control the quality of drugs. Finally, some suggest that legalization massively reduce crime, because most of the violence associated with illegal drug dealing is caused by its illegality. Opponents of drug legalization offer two principle arguments. Firstly, people believe that making drugs legal will take away the temptation to use them. This idea is wrong and far from logical. If drugs are legalized then they will be more accessible to the young, addicted, and ignorant. Illicit drugs, having a great destructive force, affect primarily the young and active population, adversely reacting on the next generation. Secondly, legalization of use of light drugs, will inevitably lead people to taking hard drugs. People...
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