An Investigation to Critically Assess the Effects of Drug Abuse Among Youths Between Ages 10-25

Topics: Drug addiction, Drug abuse, Illegal drug trade Pages: 13 (3071 words) Published: January 17, 2011
Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination
(Internal Assessment)

Topic: “An investigation to critically assess the effects of drug abuse among youths between ages 10-25 of my
community of Bonne Aventure”

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NAME OF CANDIDATE: Boshanie Patloo
NAME OF SCHOOL: Marabella North Secondary

DATE SUBMITTED: Monday 20th April 2009
THEME: Effects of drug abuse among youths in my



I Acknowledgements

II Introduction

III Purpose of Research & Statement of Problem

IV Glossary

V Literature Review

VI Methods of Data Collection

VII Presentation of Findings

VIII Interpretation of Findings

IX Discussion

X Conclusion

XI Limitations of Research

XII Recommendations

XIII Bibliography

XIV Appendices


Firstly, I want to give thanks to the almighty father above who has blessed me graciously with health and strength. I am glad I seek Him in times of hardships. I bestow my thanks for granting me wisdom, knowledge, dear thinking and understanding, all qualities required to make this internal assessment fruitful. Without Him nothing is possible.

Secondly, I would confer my gratefulness to my dear Caribbean Studies tutor, Mrs. Ramdass. I thank her for her patience and endurance throughout this project. Her willingness to assist me and make this project mare explicit the best way she can, has aided me greatly as to complete this portfolio.

Last but not least, I want to offer my sincerest thanks to my friends and family who inspired me to carry through this assessment. I thank them for their confidence in me and giving me hope.



Drug abuse is characterized by taking more of the recommended dose of prescription drugs without medical supervision, or using government controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin or other illegal substances, according to the Encarta Encyclopedia. Drug addiction is marked by a compulsive craving for the substance. Drugs may take the form of many substances of everyday use like alcohol, nicotine and pharmaceuticals and may other but in this Internal assessment, I want to showcase Illegal Drugs And Its Abuse. The illegal use of drugs was once considered a problem unique to residents of poor, urban neighbourhoods. Today, however, people of all economic levels, in both cities and suburbs abuse drugs. Most illegal drugs pose serious threat to our society since they are readily available. Drug abuse can cause a wide variety of adverse physical reactions along with many mental disorders. Long term drug abuse may cause damage to the heart, liver and brain which can result in death. Drug abusers may suffer from malnutrition if they habitually forget to eat, cannot afford to buy food, or eat foods lacking the proper vitamins and minerals. Individuals who abuse injectable drugs risk contracting infections such as hepatitis and HIV from dirty needles or needles shared with infected abusers. One of the most dangerous effects of illegal drug use is the potential for overdosing for the body systems to handle. A drug overdose may cause an individual to lose consciousness and to breathe inadequately. With out treatment, an individual may die from a drug overdose. In present times our society is being plagued with a vast increase of our youths becoming victims of drug abuse. A question that is raised in everyone’s mind is why are our youths using drugs? It is believed that drug abuse is the main reason for violent crimes being committed in society. Statistics have showed that most of the persons committing criminal acts are indeed drug abusers or...

Bibliography: The interview was done on February 15, 2009. It was conducted during the morning hours of 9:00 am till 1:30pm.The questionnaire was handed out to persons on the 19th of February 2009.
Reid,R., (2007). Cape Caribbean Studies. Caribbean Educational Publishers
Delahunty,A., McDonald,F., (2005)
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