Argument Essay on Gay Marriage

Topics: Drug, Psychoactive drug, Recreational drug use Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Nathan Algar
Professor Koonze
ENG 112-53
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Wake and Bake
In America the use and sell of recreational marijuana is illegal and taking seriously by authorities. Over half of the people in the USA smoke or have smoked marijuana. Marijuana is a plan that can be grown almost anywhere and can be smoke to experience relaxation. Marijuana should be legal to the people of America because this is a free country and if the vote is more than fifty percent that means the majority of people want it to be legal.

The people of America should not hide the use of marijuana any longer. Using marijuana should not be frowned upon because it has never killed a single human being. If this drug has not killed anyone then why is it still illegal? Tobacco and alcohol have killed over 555,000 people a year according to the CDC. Tobacco and alcohol are somehow legal to a of age adult so why cant marijuana? People need to realize that marijuana is a soft drug as to wear its harmful effects fall under caffeine. You are at more risk if you have too much coffee compared to too much marijuana. Its mind blowing to think about this because caffeine is a drug that can kill a person and it is legal and marijuana is a drug that is illegal and has never killed anyone.

A lot of kids don’t know where they are getting their weed. Drug dealers don’t really care about whom they are giving drugs to either; they are just in it for the money. If marijuana became legal there would be no more drug dealers but professional licensed weed distributers. People who smoke would know exactly where their product is coming from and would be dealing with people who care about their product. People will not be going to the hospitals because their weed dealer put another drug in their weed to make it weight more. The weed distributors would only sell weed to adults who are of age, just as they do with the sale of alcohol and cigarettes.

Too many people now a days get put in jail...
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