Topics: Drug test, Welfare, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Argumentative Paper
When you think of welfare what comes to your mind? For most people they think its money that helps those people who are struggling to get by and need help. In today’s society there are more people who use their welfare money to buy drugs instead of diapers for their infant children. Checking people for drugs that receive pubic assistance would not only save money, but then those people may have a better chance when they continue into the workforce. Others think that drug testing people who receive assistance is discrimination and a violation of privacy. In the state of Arizona welfare recipients are asked three questions about drug use. If they answer yes to any of the following questions then they are sent to drug testing. If they test positive for drugs then they lose their benefits for a year. This is a good way to start looking into drug testing welfare recipients; you’re not spending a bunch of money doing random testing you are only testing those that answer yes to certain questions as they have started doing in the state of Arizona. According to Chris Gentilviso As of April 11, 2013 it was reported that North Dakota, Wyoming, Maine, Washington, Virginia, New Hampshire, Kansas, Texas and Arkansas have all proposed various drug testing bills. The Associated Press reports that the Minnesota House was

immersed in a long winding debate on how to finance the states upcoming health and human services budget. Of all the 87-amendments that are on the table drug testing for welfare is one of them many people are hoping passes. Doing the drug testing is not meant to hurt anyone; it’s just eliminating those people who are using their welfare money in the wrong purposes. Drug testing these people on welfare can be thought of as “win-win” situation because it can help those who are dependent on drugs get out of it. The purpose in welfare money is to help people better themselves and get their life back. Simple way to look at it, if you...
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