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Topics: Ethernet, Twisted pair, Category 5 cable Pages: 10 (2129 words) Published: September 24, 2014
School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science (SETAS) Information and Communication Technology (ICET)

Network Technologies

Lab #1: Building a Network Cable

Version 1 – January 2012

Lab Overview
In this lab you will build and test three common types of UTP network cables: 1. Straight –through
2. Crossover
3. Rollover (console)
These cables will be used for subsequent labs in this course.

Pre-lab Preparation
Before starting this lab please read it in its entirety and then review the following online resources. ad

DUX Computer Digest p://
(read the entire article)


How to terminate Cat5e Cable - Heads, Keystones, Crossover, etc

One of the more common tasks that a network technician/technologist may be involved with is the running of a new network cable to a device or the repair of one that has been damaged. Although there are a variety of different cable types and connectors, this task normally involves terminating unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable (Figure 1) at either an RJ45 plug (Figure 2) or a Keystone jack (Figure 3).

Figure 1: UTP Cable

Figure 2: RJ45 Plug

Figure 3: Keystone Jack

Properly terminated Keystone jacks (Figure 4) are used at patch panels and wall outlets (Figure 5) to simplify the task of connecting network devices. UTP patch cables (Figure 6) are used to connect these network devices to the jack.

Figure 4: Keystone jack with UTP

Figure 5: Wall Outlet

Figure 6: UTP patch cable

Network cables must be carefully constructed to allow reliable communication to occur between devices. An improperly constructed cable can exhibit such things as impedance mismatch, high attenuation and crosstalk, all of which can lead to a reduced data carrying capacity. When new cabling carrying

infrastructures are installed they are certified to conform to industry standards to ensure optimum performance. This requires expensive cable certification equipment and knowledgeable operators. Patch cables and cable repairs such as re terminations are very seldom subjected to the same scrutiny. airs

In these cases a simple continuity check and wire map to ensure that the correct connections have been made suffices.
In order to understand why specific cable types are required it is important to learn a bit about Ethernet interfaces. Two types of Ethernet interfaces exist – MDI and MDIX. An MDI (medium dependent interface) is a type of Ethernet interface that makes use of twisted pair cabling. It is the part of the media attachment unit (MAU) that provides the physical and electrical connection to the cable. In order ment

for communication to occur across an Ethernet link the transmit pins on one interface must be connected to the receive pins on the other interface. To simplify this, a second type of interface was this,

developed which crossed the transmit and receive pins on the interface. This second type of interface is known as an MDIX (medium dependent interface – crossover) port. An MDI port can be connected to an MDIX port using a straight-through Ethernet cable.

The standard type of interface found on a network device depends on its location within the network. End devices such as PCs and printers normally connect to a hub or switch which in turn connects to a router. To facilitate this, hubs and switches have MDIX ports and hosts (eg: printers, servers and PCs) ate

along with the Ethernet interfaces found on routers are MDI interfaces. This allows the use of straight straightthrough cables in most areas of the network.

The following is a graphical representation of the pin-outs in a straight-through cable: End 1

End 2

There are two standards in common use for the...
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