Aurora Summary

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ror"Aurora" Summary
The story, which relies heavily upon sexual references and drug use, opens with the first-person narrator and his friend, Cut, buying a stash of weed, some of which they use as they drive home to sort, weigh, and bag. Cut is eating cookies, but the narrator is waiting for his girlfriend. He notices that the places where she'd scratched him are healing. When she arrives, he notes that she's skinny "like a twelve-year-old" and that she has the shakes, coming down off some drug. They have sex, and she begs him to "go easy," but he's high and hormonal and hurts her, anyway. He feels badly about it the next morning. "A Working Day" is the next section in the story, wherein theprotagonist and his friends are out selling drugs, including the marijuana they bought the day before, but also some cocaine. They sell to kids and older people

Junot Diaz’s Aurora is a short story that illustrates a less than perfect relationship between the narrator and his on again-off again, drug addicted girlfriend. The two lovers have anything but a healthy relationship, though somehow they always stay connected. The story takes place in a gritty part of New Jersey, and the author uses literary elements such as tone, character, and point-of-view to depict a realistic and volatile relationship between two lovers.  The overall tone of Aurora is realistically laid out and unforgiving in the use of profanity and sometimes harsh descriptions. The narrator is truthful and doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. The reader is easily able to develop a real sense of discord throughout the story. Some may describe Aurora as a short story with offensive language, but without Diaz’s blatant use of word choice and description, the story would not have the same impact on readers. Diaz’s use of character throughout the story gives the reader a realistic view into the world of drug abuse, domestic violence, and the urban setting of some of New Jersey’s Dominican...
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