Australia vs China

Topics: Australia, Confucianism, Respect Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: February 28, 2013
If you don't know history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree, said Michael Crichton (n.d.). As to look into Australian and Chinese communication style, history is the most important thing that reflects people’s lifestyle, including the way they communicate with each other. Therefore, to begin, I would like to first emphasis on both countries’ history of how it affected the way people converse.

In 1770 James Cook, came to Australia with his ship, claimed the country as the British Crown and Britain decided to use Australia as a colony for convicted prisoners. On 26 January 1788, the British royal navy arrived at the Sydney Harbour with around 1500 people, including 750 criminals to the colony (The nation and its people, n.d.). Since then, 26 January is considered as the national day of Australia. Thus to the indigenous Australians, they regard this day as the Day of Mourning as they believe that it denoted the maltreatment of white settlers who took away their land, culture, and human rights (Aboriginal Day of Mourning, n.d.). At the present time, Australian people are open-minded and relax. They are mostly get used to the sarcasm as they used to be satirized for the origin of their country. People find it is common to use sarcasm as a practical joke (Expectation of the Australian workplace, n.d.).

As for China, Confucius, developed by Chinese philosopher, have always been a powerful tool leading almost every aspect of Chinese people life, for example, moral, political, cultural and social principles (Wang et al, 2005). Chinese Confucianism is solidly believed that self-fulfillment can be obtained in a harmonious, yet hierarchical structure in social (Ikeda, n.d.). The most common theory being practiced in Chinese society is “Ziqian Zunren”, which means being humble and respect others (Shi&Hu, 2010). The most important characteristics to be considered in having a conversation with Chinese people are,...
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