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Topics: Drug, Drug addiction, Heroin Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: October 6, 2013

Should Marijuana be legalized?
Mary Jane as some people call it is an illegal drug that is used by over 25 million people annually. Smoking pot obviously has far less dangerous and hazardous effects on society. Marijuana has had a bad name for years; the dangers have been completely over exaggerated. Marijuana is not lethal and is much safer than alcohol. Though society has put a picture in people’s heads that cannabis is a highly addictive drug and you can easily overdose. Legalizing marijuana would just benefit its users it could also benefit the government if the government were to tax marijuana. Marijuana has many good attributes especially in its medical value. Marijuana provides relief from pain and nausea and a lot of the times is used for cancer patients.

On the other hand marijuana is the most commonly abused illegal drug. Contrary to what many people think, legalizing marijuana would not decrease the amount of teen users, but increase due to the fact that it would be easier to come by. Another factor to consider is driving under the influence of marijuana, which decreases reaction time and could possibly make you hallucinate or “trip”. Also, legalizing marijuana could create a chain effect that could possibly legalize many other drugs that are currently illegal.

While writing this paper and putting my ideas together, I hopped out of my comfort zone. I tried to think out of the box and open my mind to other ways to view this topic. I found both pros and cons of legalizing marijuana and learned that you can be civil in such a controversial decision.
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