Ben Cousins Cartoon Analysis

Topics: John Brumby, Herald Sun, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (1358 words) Published: May 28, 2011
Ben Cousins Cartoon Analysis
In the cartoon drawn by Mark Knight which was published in the Herald Sun, the cartoonist expresses his opinion towards the AFL continuing to allow Ben Cousins to play football and under what conditions. His tone isn’t actually shown in the cartoon yet he expresses his tone by the sarcasm in his drawings, in a way revealing his feelings towards Cousins and the head of the AFL, Andrew Demetriou. In Mark Knights’ drawings there are a few hidden message for example where the door is open in the background, this appeals to justice as it implies that there is always a way out for AFL players such as Ben and they will always find a way to cheat the system to get there name out of the bad books. The viewer notices this and begins to wonder what if it was someone from the local footy club; could they get away with the same thing? Do illegal drugs and still be allowed to carry on with life at the club, like its nothing. What about any normal bloke off the street if they are seen doing drugs they are automatically labeled as a “junkie” or as a “low life thug” but apparently these terms and conditions just don’t apply to those in the football world. Also shown in the visual language of Mark Knights cartoon is the frustrated and unimpressed look of Andrew Demetriou upon Ben Cousins yet in the end he is forgiving as stated before the door is always open for the likes of Cousins, and also in Demetrious hand is a tattoo needle which also looks like a syringe which implies in a way that yes the head of the AFL does know that one of the players are doing drugs but still continues to give permission for Ben to use illicit drugs for his own self/personal gain this appeals to the readers appeal to authority where as the main controller of the AFL is even corrupt in a way he is letting uncommitted/hooligans into the AFL to do whatever they please that he has no control over them and that there could be even more professional footballers who could be...
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