Book Report: Jack Reacher

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Lee Child, Jack Reacher Pages: 5 (1994 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Language Arts Book Report
Name of the Book: A Reacher novel:61 hours by Lee Child. This title is related to the book because the entire book is a countdown recollection of events that leads up to the climax, where Reacher and Plato, the protagonist and antagonist fight. It begins with 61 hours before the main fight. Author: Lee Child.

The main protagonist of the novel is Jack Reacher, an ex-military policeman that spends the majority of his time as a “nomad,” wandering around the states, looking for places to travel. His personality quite matches his name because his last name, Reacher, is symbolic of a person that climbs the greatest heights and overcomes the obstacles of ruthless difficulty. Reacher is an intrinsically intellectual man; his unusual nature allows him to morph his metacognition into that of his enemies, enabling him to track his targets with speed and accuracy. Reacher is a main component of the story obviously because he is the driving force that allows the story to slowly unlock as his physical and mental skills empower him to investigate and determine. The other main protagonist is Deputy Peterson, which is actually an ally and partner in this specific book who follows Reacher’s guidance to help track down a murderer and a major drug dealer, possibly one and the same. Unfortunately, Peterson does not make it to the end of the book, and the scene of death is satirical in the way that the cop that has been “aiding” their cause turns out to be bent. The antagonist of the novel is Plato, a very short and small man, which is pretty ironic considering the fact that he is a major drug dealer and is constantly in cunning situations, but he is technically a midget. He is considered the main antagonist; although he is not thoroughly mentioned until the end of the book, he is indirectly described through his servants and his actions are the main source of conflict, such as the major methamphetamine drug deal that Reacher fights hard to uncover. 10 vocab words

1. Stasis- a state or condition that has no action or progress, a static situation. 2. Ebullient- extremely lively, enthusiastic
3. Garrulous- talkative, wordy
4. Nadir- the lowest point in something
5. Palliate- to reduce the severity of
6. Quagmire- a difficult situation
7. Rancor- deep, bitter resentment
8. Tacit- expressed without words
9. Wistful- full or yearning, musingly sad
10. Vacillate- to fluctuate hesitate
The novel is set in the 1990’s or 2000’s, which is essentially implied through the use of modern weapons, such as the Heckler and Koch MP5 and modern technology like cell phones. Jack Reacher is introduced as a passenger on a bus, traveling to South Dakota for the thrill of the journey. However, he is thrown into a vehicle accident and is stranded in South Dakota for four intolerable days in the freezing climate. During those four days, a story of betrayal, suspense, and mystery unravels. Reacher is an ex-military cop, and he wanders around always searching for something to do, someone to help. His indirect enemy, Plato, relies on his men in the United States to relay information back. The main situation in the beginning of the novel to the near end was to protect the witness of a recent drug deal involving one of Plato’s men. Plato is concerned that the drug dealer must eventually lead to him, so he has the problem to eliminate the witness, which is one of the main conflicts of the novel. The plot complicates as people get murdered by an unknown killer, which turns out to be Chief Holland of the police force, who is coerced by Plato to steer Reacher off course with random homicides with his daughter as ransom. As the climax approaches, Plato and his men themselves fly to the United States to personally kill the witness and secure the million’s dollar worth of meth. Reacher comes in the scene, and the clash is inevitable as Reacher decapitates Holland, temporarily becomes Holland and...
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