Border War: Drugs

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Border War

Drug Abuse and Crime Control
CJAD 410
Cornelius Thomas

The DEA estimates that the drug cartels generate about $10 billion annually from the sale of drugs which pass through Arizona alone. Just marijuana alone is predicted to be over 700 tons seized, so think about the amount not seized. The U.S. Border patrol fight against illegal drug trafficking into Arizona has proved to be a daunting task. With the money that can be made in the United States from the sale of drugs cartels put it all on the line to supply the demand for drugs. There are three ways to deliver drugs to the States and that by land, sea, and air. The US has improved on the sea and air side but the task on land has become too much to handle. Delivery on land includes both on the ground and beneath the ground. Drug smugglers us tunnels to believer drugs beneath the ground and use the rugged land of Arizona on the ground. Drug trafficking has also gave rise to an increase in crime along places near the border because of routes and territory that some innocent civilians find themselves in the middle of.

Most of the state of Arizona is covered by the Tucson Sector of the United States Border Patrol. This area covers a total of 262 border miles and is the busiest Sector in the country. The role of the border patrol is to be the primary drug-interdicting organization along the Southwest border. To tackle the huge task of combating drug smugglers the border patrol has work force of over 20,000 agents. In 1964 the agency consisted of just a handful of agents. Agents patrol the border in vehicles, boats, and afoot. In some areas, the Border Patrol even employs horses, all-terrain motorcycles, bicycles, and snowmobiles. The agency also uses dogs that are trained to find drugs. Even though is may seem like all that is done is finding drugs and apprehending suspects the job does come with danger. Drug smugglers are sometimes armed with someone to protect their drugs from robbers and sometimes law enforcement. On October 2, 2012, two border patrol agents where fatally shot by drug smugglers. These agents where traveling on house back in the early a.m. hours (York, 2012). Shooting at officers from across the border is not a rare thing, these seem to be a normal thing. Border patrol agents must always keep a watchful eye out because of the remote places they can find themselves having to work. Drug cartels have financed the building of smuggling tunnels throughout the Mexican/ Arizona border. The reasoning behind these tunnels was because of the United States heighten enforcement of land and air. In 2012, a massive 240-yard drug smuggling tunnel with lights, air shafts and sophisticated support beams linked Mexican cartels with Arizona strip mall (Associated Press Reporter, 2012). These tunnels give cartels direct access to the United States that if not discovers could allow tons of drugs into the states. These tunnels could cost anywhere from a couple hundred thousand dollars to well over a million dollars. These are no ordinary people that design and supervise the building of these tunnels they are very educated engineers. The sophistication of these tunnels is by any standard amazing. The more sophistication and length of the tunnel the more money it cost. These tunnels have a well laid out foundation usually surrounded by wood to support its top and sides from a cave in. Because the tunnel has no access to fresh air they are lined with a ventilation system from hoses that travels the length of the tunnel. One end would usually provide some kind of pump to keep the air supply going. The tunnels also are sometimes equipped with electricity. For the most part these tunnel entrance and exit are usually set up in abandoned places. Some of the tunnels exits could pop up anywhere and the drug smugglers usually use something to cover the entrance so that it can be used over and over. These tunnels are usually found by the luck of the draw. Law...

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