Breaking Bad

Topics: Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston, Heroin Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Breaking Bad

Antonio Di Berardino
EN 101
Laura Mack
Nov, 27 2012

What would you do to keep yourself alive? Breaking Bad is a complicated show about a chemistry professor, Walter White, who starts cooking meth in order to pay for his medical bills. Starring Brian Cranston, Breaking Bad shows how a decent man gets corrupted by the need to pay for his treatment for lung cancer. With the brilliant performance of Brian Cranston, an enviable script and plot, and great photography, Breaking Bad is a series worth anybody’s time. Cranston plays Walt, who is living a conservative, quiet life until he is diagnosed with lung cancer, and he decides to be more risky. When he finds out that a former student of his, Jesse Pinkman, is a drug dealer, Walt comes to the conclusion that his chemistry knowledge could help him to make money on the meth market. During his journey, Walter realizes that although he hasn’t completely cured his cancer, he has changed it for another cancer, being a drug dealer. Walt doesn’t really care that he is going to die, leading to riskier and riskier behavior. At the beginning of the show, making money for his pregnant wife and his handicapped son before his inevitable death was his first concern. The money he earned from drug dealing “broke him bad” and, what started as a couple of thousand dollars, became one million per month, and an honest man turned into a criminal. The old Mr. Chips became a criminal because he couldn’t afford his medical bills. Knowing how much money he could make, he started to think bigger, to be a criminal, to become the Werner Heisenberg of drug dealers. Brian Cranston’s outstanding portrayal of a man who is corrupted by money and power has given him multiple awards as an actor, the creator of the show knew that find an actor with the ability to be loved by the audience and turn into the bad guy was going to be hard, but Cranston has done it pretty well. Cranston also shows his versatility having...
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