Chtdf Promoting Livelihoods in Chittagong Hilly Areas

Topics: Development aid, Bangladesh, Chittagong Pages: 5 (926 words) Published: April 16, 2013
CHTDF promoting livelihoods in Chittagong Hilly areas
(A comprehensive field visit report)
Prepared by: Feroj Foysal Ahummed

Background of CHTDF:
The development progress harmed among hilly communities due to severe turmoil, continued for few decades. But after the CHT Accord 1997, there created space and opportunities for development assistance involving international donor communities and local institutions. So, enthusiasm and efforts from local communities were matched with international donor community support for the resumption of development in the hill district regions, made space for creating Chittagong Hill Tract Development Facility (CHTDF). Activities done during the visit:

Following program visited during the stay period April 22-23, 2012 * Participated in briefing session, presented by CHTDF representatives emphasized more into background of development activity needs, mode of operation and relevant policies

* Visited to CHTDF implemented program focused more importantly on about the activities doing by KukiPara Development Committee (PDC). In Kukipara PDC farmers are being using FFS knowledge and opportunities from local communities for increasing their production and income.

* Observed as a whole about development activities, doing by hilly communities at Kukipara under Rangamati Sadar Upazilla.

* Participated in a briefing session on about the activities focused more into ongoing Fisheries practices in Kaptai lake and opportunities of aquaculture through developing “Cricks” facilitated by District Fisheries Office, Rangamati. Participated in a meeting (meeting minutes attached with report) at Rangamati DFO office Overview of the CHTDF implementation:

The CHTDF launched in 2003 with a provision to continue service up to 2013, on an overall coordination by UNDP for adjusting support from international donor communities through involving local institutions for the development of CHT resident. The project comprises with a revised budget of USD 160.5 Million. Outside government and non government local institutions, DANIDA, CIDA, EU delegation to Bangladesh, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dhaka, AusAID are development partners of CHTDF. The CHTDF is working on principles- self reliance, local participation and decentralized development. The CHTDF work for improving below stated capacity development areas * Health Initiatives

* Education Support (upto class III considering national curricula together with own language) * Institutional Capacity Development
* Confidence Building
* Gender
* Natural Resource Management
* Community Empowerment

General Observation:
* The CHTDF is devoted to improve institutional capacity of GoB departmental offices, CHT Regional Council, Hill District Councils, traditional institutions, national and CHT based NGOs, civil society organizations, local leaders and representatives from local community based organizations

* The CHTDF is being working in 3 CHT districts, 20 Upazillas that comprises with 94 unions

* One Regional council, 3 Hill District Council, 20 Upazilla Steering Committee, 94 Union Facilitation Committee, 3258 Para Development Committee and 1886 nos of Para Nari Development Committee are being improving their capacity through organized support by CHTDF.

* CHTDF doesn’t select beneficiaries rather set criteria in selection protocol. * Households approach focused to utilize plenty of natural resources (10% of total land but 1% of population, 40% of total forest of the country) within CHTDF implementations especially into FFS approach and formal IGA based training program

* Among the CHT resident 62% are being standing below poverty level

* Generally, tribal women are more hardworking and outgoing professionals than their male partner but limited participation in leadership and family decision making

* Quick Impact Fund (QIF) support from CHTDF creating...
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