Clockers: Murder and Kid Tyrone Shorty

Topics: Murder, Homicide, Boy Pages: 2 (916 words) Published: April 6, 2009
Clockers Consider the socially-endorsed goals that the main character(s) is seeking to achieve? The Characters: Ronald “Strike” Dunham; he was a young kid living in the ghetto and deep down inside he was trying to break free from the guns and drug. He was doing what every other young kid was doing in the ghetto selling drugs and sitting on a park bench. It was thought be that he shoot another young man several time just so he could get ahead because he felt that Darryl was a treat and he was competition. He was not always a bad kid he liked electric model trains and he also had helped a local cop Andre get gym mates for the kids in his community. He also tried to mentor another kid Tyrone “Shorty” Jeter. Strike was teaching him the way of the streets but at the same time telling him it was wrong. Dt. Rocco Klein; he was the homicide detective handing the murder case of Darryl. His goal was to find out who killed Darryl. He was also trying to reach out to Strike and help him. Rodney Little; this man was the kingpin of the ghetto, he supplied the drugs to Strike and his friends who he sat on the park bench with Strike. The only goal he had was to selling drugs and uses a store as a cover up. Do you consider those goals normal and desirable? Yes; I consider all of the things they are doing normal and desirable, what desirable about it to them are the money and the control they have over others. It is normal for any cop the investigate a murder, and for the drugs dealers and the kids that live within the community it is something they have known their whole lives and they believe this is what is expected of them. What specifically happened in this story that interfered with the achievement of those goals? This story is really about two brothers who are trying to get ahead and move out the ghetto and live a normal life. At the opening of the story a young 16 year old kid named Darryl was shoot and kill in front of his store and...
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