Cocaine Cowboys

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Smuggling, Drug cartel Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: April 20, 2012
Cocaine Cowboys
Before the seventies Miami, Florida was the hotspot for drug smugglers to smuggle marijuana into America because South Beach was virtually unwatched land for miles. Cocaine eventually rose to become the drug of choice for people in Miami and was more expensive then weed, causing it to replace marijuana imports with more profitable cocaine imports. Cocaine became so popular with the club scene and celebrities and other wealthy people that its demand raised Miami, Florida to be one of Americas thriving economic cities. It also made Miami the murder capital of America. Cubans and Columbians led gang wars throughout the city trying to flush each other out of the smuggling business. The Columbians were labeled “The Cocaine Cowboys” after they practiced their method of shoot first ask questions later.

Columbian drug lords knew they had goldmine selling cocaine to America and they were even helped out by their own government to smuggle and distribute to drug sellers in America. At first they filled up suitcases with cocaine and snuck it in America by flying on planes. Then the drug cartels realized they could fill up airplanes and boats and drop the cocaine at the shore off the coast of Miami making smuggling cocaine appropriate in significant amounts. In Columbia were factories and labs with countless people working in order to grow the product. In order to communicate, American sellers and the Medellin Cartel had setup short band radio waves. This helped them set up trips for American sellers to meet up with Drug Cartels, fill up airplanes with cocaine and would take off and fly in the Florida through the west because police were looking to catch them smuggle through the east coast. Jon Roberts and Mickey Munday had set up a cover-up towing company in order to transport the Cocaine. The cocaine was stuffed in the trunk of a car that was getting towed so in-case the driver of the truck was pulled over and the trunk was searched he could...
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