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Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug addiction, Drug Pages: 5 (1867 words) Published: March 21, 2013
United States needs to reform their policy on illegal drugs to save taxpayers money and give focus to more important matters. The United States drug policy is way past due for an overhaul. The current policy is outdated and continues to place a huge burden on the justice system ( Nordstrom, 2011). United States of America will benefit from a drug policy reform and a better look on drugs that could serve a medical purpose like Marijuana. The United States has a constant burden put on its judicial system by its current drug policies. Communities around this great country will benefit from a change in its drug policies. Other countries that have a more relaxed approach to their drug laws than the United States have, do not have the problems with illegal drugs like the United States does. Many of the United States drug policies have made its jails and prison overcrowded and dangerous ( Nordstrom, 2011).

In all levels of government in the United States, the quest to stop the illegal drug trade and illegal drug usage carries a heavy burden on the American judicial system. However the time spent combating illegal drugs in not the only waste during this campaign. The United States spends billions of dollars trying to stop the flow of drugs into this country ( Nordstrom, 2011). The majority of the money spent to lock up criminals in the United States is spent on locking up nonviolent drug offenders. “In fact about five percent of drug users have used violence to obtain money to purchase drugs” ( Nordstrom, 2011). The United States may not be able to lower their deficit and release the financial burden on its judicial system without at this fact for a reason to have an illegal drug reform.

Many of the illegal drugs that will be mentioned are not created equal. Marijuana for instance has been found by many medical personal to have no long lasting side effects. It is also common sense to know that Marijuana is not even close to being as dangerous as drugs like heroin, crack cocaine, ecstasy and crystal meth. Also prescription painkillers have become more popular among drug users in the United States. However marijuana users are being convicted at a higher rate in the justice system than all of these drugs. This is a direct result of the ineffective drug policies that the United States government has put in place for far too long. “The Pragmatic Case for Marijuana Law Reform” (2009) “Marijuana criminalization means that roughly 15 million current users must obtain the drug through illicit means, creating and supporting a massive, 10.5 billion dollar black market controlled increasingly by organized crime groups”. The author of this quote did significant research to show how ridiculous it is to have these marijuana users support such dangerous underground dealers in order to obtain their marijuana. The effects of marijuana are not significant enough to allow such a change in wealth from our government spending so much to stop it and crime organizations profiting so much off the sale of it. Marijuana reform should be the first step in starting the illegal drug reformation in the United States of America. Marijuana can be used for medical purposes and even many states in the union have agreed that it has a medical purpose it still has not been recognized by the federal government.

In the United States illegal drug use has become a ticket to serving jail or prison time. However it is no secret in the United States there are many individuals who are in need of rehabilitation and counseling for their drug abuse addiction. In the article “Twelve Good Reasons Why Drugs Should Be Legalized” an anonymous author (2010) stats “Legalizing drugs would immediately relieve the strain and burden on the prison system, since drug offenders would no longer be incarcerated (pg 2). A counter argument could be made that this author has very radical views and that jail and prison time is absolutely necessary for people who use...
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