Communication Theory

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TASK 1 (LO1)
Communication is a vital part in health and social care settings. When we communicate, we impart information to other people. This helps individuals to be more effective during an interaction of questions and answers, where both parties will begin to understand and is being shared. This also assists in clarifying any misunderstood points; where both individuals can be clear in any objectives. Communication is important for health and social care professionals in establishing working relationships with clients. Health and social care professionals have to work with people who have specific, perhaps complex communication needs you have to have a good communication skill to fulfil the needs of the specific individual: good communication to explore the best and proper service to the service user and specific individuals. Health and social care professionals need good communication skills to develop positive relationships and share information with people using services. They also need to be able to communicate well with people’s families and/ or careers and their own colleges and other professionals. It is important therefore, if you are considering a career in health and social care, to gain the knowledge, understanding and practical skills needed to be develop, effective interpersonal skills. The importance of good communication: effective communication in central factor to all therapeutic interaction and is increasing in standards of health and social care. The right of an individual to use language of choice in also recognised the quality of your communication may affect the outcomes of the care that you provide and in known to difference to the satisfaction that your service feels (priest at el 2005 p236) In the context of health and social care settings, it is very important to have a good communication in between the service users and the staffs. So care staff needs to have a good communication skill to have an effective communication and also to develop a good relationship with the service users. As a care staff it is important to know how to apply the professional communication techniques to create a better communication environment. There are different forms of communication skills such as verbal non-verbal sign language, MAKATRON and so on. There are also many approaches through which we can make a good communication relationship between service users and service providers. Good communication and interpersonal skills are essential to the practice of effective health and social care. In communicating with others, the practitioner needs to be able to use a variety of strategies to ensure professional practice meet health and social care and facilitate positive working relationships. 1.1

Relevant theories:
Communication theory is a field of information and mathematics that studies the technical process of information and human communication. According to communication theorist Robert T. Craig in his essay communication theory as a field (1999) There are different approaches for communication theory such as: Humanistic

Cognitive and
These theories are applicable to develop certain techniques in the sector of heath & social care. I’m going to discuss about the behaviourist theory: Behavioural theory is basically about how people behave to sort out some ways of dealing with people for effectiveness. A behavioural theory is relatively easy to develop, as you simply asses both leadership success and the actions of leaders. With a large enough study, you can the correlate statistically significant behaviours with success. You can also identify behaviours which contribute to failure. The strengths and weaknesses of behaviours theory:

Strengths weaknesses

*Early to understand *Does not look inside someone’s head, *External work shows behaviour...

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