Compare & Contrast of China and Italy

Topics: People's Republic of China, Illegal drug trade, China Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: September 18, 2013
“Oh! You’re Chinese? You must be sick of rice by now” or “Ah! You’re Italian? How’s your spaghetti?” Are the sentences of an ignorant person? This kind of behavior segregates the truth from the people and creates a stereotypical attitude that if someone’s Mexican, he must be selling drugs, is poor, or crossed the border at least once. In this case, I wish to compare the Italian and Chinese customs just to simply show what their norms are. Remember though, this is the average but it does not mean everyone’s the same as the following:

Chinese tend to be slightly more formal and polite. They focus more towards handshakes and a simple nod of the head to acknowledge their presence. Women may engage in a light hug if they are close friends or even family. They tend to stand from 1-2 feet apart from each other and when it comes to strangers, the distance lengthens. There’s usually little or no touching during a conversation and a direct eye contact counts as being polite. Their speech also may contain at times a deeper meaning than what they’re actually saying. Lastly, whistling, snapping of fingers to summon, pointing, using your feet to move objects, and mounting your feet on furniture will make you seem as an incredibly rude person. Like a sir is the Chinese.

On the other hands, Italians lean towards having an extremely animated and dramatic conversation. When greeting one another, in certain regions men may even change after knowing someone very well from a firm handshake to a kiss on each cheek. Women will kiss lightly on each cheek up to 3 times. In the beginning, standing at an arm’s length counts as normal but shortens as you get better acquainted with that person. Touching is actually a very normal thing to happen during any regular conversation. Direct contact is the expected and greatly appreciated. While speaking, they will use their hands to give an emphasis to whatever they may be talking about. Sometimes, it may seem that an Italian may be arguing,...
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