Topics: Arithmetic, Significant figures, Ratio Pages: 4 (1114 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Question 1-CXC Past Paper Questions: 1989-2011
May 1989
(a) Find the exact value of (4⅘÷2⅔)- (1⅓)
(5 marks)(b) Write your answer to part (a) as a decimal correct to 2 significant figures. (2marks)(c) A sum of money is to be divided among A,B, AND C in the ratio of 2:3:5. Thelargest share amounts to $1200.Calculate: (i) the total sum of money to be shared(ii) A’s share(iii) the percentage of the total amount that Breceives (5 marks) May 1990

Calculators, slide rules and mathematical tables must NOT be used to answer thisquestion. Show ALL steps clearly.(a) Calculate the exact value of 4⅓

1 3/7x1⅔(3 marks)(b) Calculate the value of 0.023/0.351 giving your answer correct to 2 significantfigures(3 marks)(c) (i) Some years ago, US$1.00 (one United States dollar) was equivalent to J$3.50(the dollars and fifty cents, Jamaican currency). Calculate the amount in UScurrency that was equivalent to J$8400.(ii) After the devaluation J$1.00 was worth 70% of its original value. Calculate thenew exchange rate for US$1.00 and hence calculate the amount of Jamaican dollarsthat would be equivalent to US$2400.(7 marks) May 1991

(a) Calculate the exact value of : (2⅓ - 1⅚) ÷ 1⅓ (4 marks)(b)The simple interest on $15 000 for 4 years is $8100. Calculate the rate per centper annum. (3 marks)(c) The sum of $2500 is divided among Peter, Queen and Raymond. Raymondreceived half, Peter received $312.50 and Queen received the remainder.Calculate (i) Raymond’s share(ii) Queen’s share

(iii) the ratio in which the $2500 was divided among the three persons(iv) the percentage of the total share that Peter received(5 marks) May 1992
(a) Calculate the exact value of 5 2/7 + 3 5/74 – 2 ⅘(4 marks)(b) A piece of string 64cm long, is divided in three pieces in the ratio 1:2:5.Calculate the length of the longest piece. (3 marks)(c) A merchant sold a pen for $5.35, thereby making a profit of 7% on the cost tohim. Calculate(i) the cost price of the pen to the merchant(ii) the...
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