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Aim: To Identify the peripherals of a computer, components in a CPU and its functions. Draw the block diagram of the CPU along with the configuration of each peripheral and submit to your instructor.

Description of the Computer Components:

"computer" is a collection of devices that function as a unit.  The most basic collection includes a Computer CPU, a Monitor, a Keyboard, and a Mouse.   The Computer CPU is normally a rectangular box that sits on your desktop (called a "Desktop Case") or next to your knee under the desk (called a "Tower Case").  The computer's CPU is actually a small electronic device inside the case but the term is often used to refer to the whole collection of electronics inside the box.

Computer Monitor
The Computer Monitor is the computer user's window into the workings of the computer.  It consists of a television picture tube that had been modified to accept the type of video signal created by the computer's electronics.  Conventional televisions can be used as computer monitors if a translation device is used to connect them.  The picture quality leaves something to be desired.

The Keyboard is the primary input device used to communicate with the computer.  A computer keyboard closely resembles a conventional typewriter keyboard with the addition of numerous keys that are used specifically for computing functions

Standard Keyboard
Standard keyboards, such as the 101-key US traditional keyboards or the 104-key Windows keyboards, include alphabetic characters, punctuation symbols, numbers and a variety of function keys. The internationally-common 102/105 key keyboards have a smaller 'left shift' key and an additional key with some more symbols between that and the letter to its right (usually Z or Y).[1]

Named for the resemblance of the wire coming out of it and a mouse's tail, the mouse was introduced to computing in the early 1980's when Macintosh created its graphical user interface (GUI).  The mouse is another input device used to point at objects on the computer monitor and select them.  Using the mouse and keyboard in combination allows the computer user substantial latitude in how to accomplish a wide variety of tasks.

Floppy Disk Drive
Once the most advanced of storage devices, floppy diskettes are normally used a temporary storage containers or transportation media for data.  A standard floppy diskette can hold 1.44 MB of computer data.  This amounts to a rather large number of pages if translated to the paper standard for textual information.  

Compact Disk-Read Only Memory
This modern miracle gained prominence in the late 1980's and has become the primary distribution medium for software to consumers.  The Compact Disk-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM) disk itself is a collection of concentric circles containing millions of pits and plateaus which correspond to on/off bits of data.   The disk is read with an optical laser similar to the one used to scan your groceries at the supermarket.  Most disks of this kind are "Read Only" meaning that the computer can retrieve information from the disk, but cannot place information on it.  New developments have improved this technology to allow writing and rewriting data to the disk.  A different kind of hardware mechanism is needed to employ this innovation.

What is a Motherboard?
The motherboard is the main circuit board inside your PC. Every components at some point communicates through the motherboard, either by directly plugging into it or by communicating through one of the motherboards ports. The motherboard is one big communication highway. Its purpose inside your PC is to provide a platform for all the other components and peripherals to talk to each other.

Types of Motherboards
The type of motherboards depends on the CPU it was designed for. You can therefore categories motherboards by which socket type they have. e.g. Socket A, Socket 478 etc. The Type of motherboard you buy is very...
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