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NameStudent ID
Nurulhuda Binti Abd Jalil2008773885
Sofeana Binti Osman2010699074
Effa Yusni Binti Mustaffa2009102337
Norazlina Binti Mohd Sibi2010431122
Rohana Uli Binti Musa2010876046
Mawar Binti Merikan2006102205

Puan Sharifah Norzehan Binti Syed Yusuf

Synopsis3 - 4
Key Player5
Ethical Dilemma6 - 7
Ethical Issue8
Whistle blower & How To Whistle Blow?8 - 10
Lessons10 - 11
Consequences Of Decisions 11 - 12
Justifying Decisions12 - 13

“Aku Masih Dara” tells the story of Aleesya (Yana), Sofea (Raja Farah), and Hani (Diana Amir) are three close friends who come from different family backgrounds. All three have different interpretations of Islam based on how they were raised. Although they have different perceptions on religion but these do not interfere with their friendship.

Aleesya have a basic religious knowledge which is she can read Al-Quran and knows how to perform prayers. However, growing up in a modern environment and social causes Aleesya was engrossed in religious claims.

Sofea was raised without a religious upbringing, western lifestyle. She does not know how to pray and read Al-Quran. Her life is full of sin until she is less calm despite everything.

Hani was growing up in difficult family that lived in a small flat area. Her parents are too busy earning money to provide foods and survive their family. They also lack of religious instruction from them. Her parents also did not show any good example to her. Hani always blame her parents and sometimes also blame to Allah because there is nothing that change the fate of her family. To live happily, she took the easy way nad become a drug dealer on a small scale and full of life involve in spots, a world where all are claimed as lawful. Hani supplied drugs that she got from her boyfriend, Zachery(Farid Kamil). Zachery was the chief drug traffickers in the flat area of residence.

Firdaus (Asyraf Muslim) comes from the village, came to Kuala Lumpur for a course in entrepreneurship and staying in his uncle’s house. Firdaus is Aleesya’s cousin. He is a person who takes serious about Allah’s law and aware as an educated muslim he have a responsibility to educate all muslims who diverted including his cousin, Aleesya. Things changed when Firdaus came to Aleesya’s house and he was asked by Aleesya’s parents to teach her good manners living in Islamic ways. Firdaus often criticized Aleesya’s actions and it caused Aleesya to hate him.

During Firdaus presence, he begins to change Sofea seeking serenity in her life. Sofea, who is satisfied to live without religion, find peace of mind when making friends with Firdaus. From Firdaus, Sofea learned about Islam and begin to love for Islam which she claimed that Islam is only a status on her identity card. The close relationship between Sofea and Firdaus, causing Sofea to no longer to follow Aleesya and Hani lifestyle.

Sofea who wanted Aleesya to change, opposed by Aleesya, Aleesya thought Sofea was just acting to be good because she wanted to sleep with Firdaus. Things did not work out much for Aleesya, as she was blinded with her social life. Sofea follow Firdaus to his village because she wanted Firdaus to teach her about Islam without any distractions. While Aleesya goes wild and begins to lose consideration. Aleesya follows Hani into the world where there is a private party that involving pills and sex fantasy. During a sex party hosted by Zachery at his place, Aleesya was raped by him. When Aleesya wake up that morning after the party was over, she realized that she has lost her virginity. Aleesya cried and worried about the love bite...
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