Crime and Gangs

Topics: Crime, Organized crime, Gang Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: March 30, 2014
James Agee
Mrs. Martenson
Language Arts
8 May 2013
Many people wonder why someone would be attracted to an atmosphere of violence, gunshot wounds and death. Members of gangs live in this atmosphere daily as a result of money problems, territorial disputes, and peer pressure. All of these things promote violence amongst gangs. Small local street gangs produce and sell multiple types of drugs. While in the process of selling the drugs to the buyer the process may become hostile. Drugs produce such large revenue for gangs there are often drug wars between gangs. This is popular in South and Central America but does happen in places like Chicago. (Erbentraut, Schiffman 10) Gangs’ most popular drug they sell is cocaine. (NDIC 1) It is the most popular because of how much it costs. A kilo of cocaine (2.2 pounds) may cost anywhere from fifteen thousand to twenty five thousand dollars. (Zill, Bergman 5) Gangs also sell guns on the streets. The average hand gun goes for one hundred and fifty dollars to three hundred dollars. (Erlich 2) Not only can they sell guns with ease they can also buy guns with that much ease. This means more guns on the street to be used with bad intentions. Gangs also run prostitution rings and sell stolen goods.(NDIC 1) To lower suspicion gangs own businesses to mask drug proceeds.(NDIC 1) Some gangs make millions of dollars a year doing all of these things which drives them to continue to do it. (NDIC 1) Most of a gang’s violent activity has something to do with territory or “turf”. A gang’s territory is a part of town they claim as their own. (Bargnet 4) This is used as a warning for other gangs to not enter that part of town. If the territory is not respected, the gang will often retaliate with violent acts. Another reason for fighting is drug territory. Keeping your turf means keeping your drug sales. Often time’s gangs will intrude into a gang’s territory to steal their customers. (Bargnet 4) Since drugs can be priced up...

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