Crime and Social Issues

Topics: Crime, Gang, Illegal drug trade Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: June 9, 2011
Many crime problems in my area which are creating difficulties for peoples day by day. I have seen many crimes have been done in my area. * Snatching
* Drugs dealing
* Shop lifting
* Stabbing
* Gang fighting
* Theft and robbed
* The area where I live is ok; I have been robbed for my money a couple of times – nothing too bad. But my friends live in a really bad estate. There's always stuff going on there. People are shot and stabbed all the time. * It all starts with people getting rude with each other. One person is rude to someone else, and then the victim goes and gets their gang for revenge. Sometimes it's just two gangs fighting and punching each other. But on this estate, it's nearly always killing. Guns and knives are everywhere. * It's always worse when the gang hires someone else to do the killing. They only give a description of the person they want taken care of. So the hit man hasn't even seen the guy he's going to shoot before. Sometimes they shoot the wrong person. Then, if the person who was killed by mistake was in a gang, their gang goes and gets revenge. So it never ends. * I'm most worried about knife crime, because you can get knives anywhere – from the kitchen, shops and people from round the estates. My friend’s big brother was stabbed in the chest with a knife, because he was involved in some bad stuff. * In my school it's not so bad because they check us for weapons. The only weapons we're allowed are compasses. * I'm not so afraid of gangs, because they don't have a reason to go after me. But my friends Dad got involved in drugs. Now he's got some gangs after him because of some trouble that happened. * When I visit my mates on the estate, I feel more protected than afraid, because I know my friends and their brothers are looking out for me. People there recognise me now, so I know even the drug dealers would look after me on their patches. They know I'm not causing any trouble. But I'd be...
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