Curtis Snow

Topics: Illegal drug trade, English-language films, Ethics Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: December 1, 2014
Sha’ron Jones
Gangs and Society

What makes someone a good person? It could be there ethical behavior or how they treat others. Are they a stand up citizen and always do the right thing. When we look to see if someone is a good person these a just some of the things that we look for. In Curtis Snow situation and how he depicted himself in “Snow on the Bluff”, it was shown to us that he isn’t really that much of a nice guy. But now let us consider some of the ways we define someone as being a good person, and how they can correlate with what Curtis Snow show us. With Snow’s situation I think it’s best if we took his living situation into consideration, He doesn’t live in the most expensive neighborhood where crime may be significantly low; He lives in probably the most dangerous part of Atlanta where people have to do whatever they need in order to survive. One good quality that I saw in the beginning of the film was when someone else was selling drugs on his turf , instead of going straight over there and handling his business he made sure to get his facts straight, and not just assume anything before he planned his attack. To some it would seem that the simple fact that he went over there to shoot at someone is bad, but when you look at it in another perspective, he could have been mistakenly shot someone who had nothing to do with the drug dealing business. In a society like that dealers no whether or not they can sell drugs on a particular turf so in hindsight they may have gotten what they deserve. Also we can assume that they too have taken out people for the same reason, and it was just karma coming back to them. Another thing that was shown in the film is Curtis Snow being a not so bad father. In a society like that we so often see men not even taking a second look at their children let alone them spending any kind of quality time with them. So for snow to take the time every now and then to visit his son and spend that quality time with...
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