Dangers of living in Mexico

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug cartel, Sinaloa Cartel Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: March 15, 2014
Dangers of living in México

Nowadays, México is best-known in the world for its insecurity and murders rather than for being a tourist destination or its food. You can find dangerous people in streets and no one would say anything because they don’t care, since they’re in control of many things and have more power than the government and the army do. But drug lords are usually in conflicts between them, and even if you’re not involved in crimes or violence you are reached by them, no matter what. There’s always a kind of fear when you leave home. It’s very common to appear in news that someone has been killed by accident, or even because he was in the wrong place at a bad time (in the middle of a cartels’ battle). Another reason is the many kidnappings happening, now there’s no care or respect for women and children, as they are used for white slave traffic and organ trafficking respectively. If you come here, you’ll also need to be cautious with your stuff, considering that you might attract the attention of thieves and provoke them to steal it. You need to be careful with everyone you meet. Trust someone is something rare to do. Most of the time we avoid many people because we consider them to be suspicious, and this happens a lot when we meet someone new. You never know who is or what a person does for living. If we see someone who lives in luxury or know that he’s wealthy, we suppose that he is involved in drug dealing. You can’t even be confident in a party, you never know when the girl you met is related to a drug dealer. Being from a particular place of the country can be dangerous if you’re visiting a zone controlled by a different cartel. For example, when my family and I travel to another state, especially to the north, people seem to be scared when they look at our car plate, many say it’s due to the worldwide reputation that the “Cartel de Sinaloa” has. The situation in the south of the country is just the opposite, because the drug lord from...
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