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Joint, reefer, grass, weed. These are all similar words that are used to describe Marijuana, a taboo drug within our society. But before we cast it off as a dangerous substance that is detrimental to the youth, we must first ask the 3 W’s; who smokes marijuana, what this substance truly is, and why is it illegal. In doing so, we will be at a better position to answer this question and uncover driving facts that disproves arguments for prohibition.

So who smokes marijuana? Most marijuana users range between the age of 18 to the late 20’s. But imagine this. Those who are caught purchasing, selling, or growing this illegal substance is penalized by a prison sentence of 10 days to 10 years. At this very moment there is a 69 year old Ohio man who is serving a 60 day jail sentence on top of a 30 day house arrest for growing two marijuana plants for his wife, his wife suffering who is suffering from breast cancer. Is this justice? No. Is this fair? No. Can this be changed? Yes. The justice system is so blindsided with prohibition and the criminalization of marijuana users that they cannot see that government regulation is another viable alternative.

What is marijuana? Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that is known for its medical and recreational use. However, in comparison to other substances, marijuana is substantially less dangerous. Annually, 435,000 deaths are caused by Tobacco, 85,000 deaths by alcohol, 7,600 from aspirin, and 0 deaths from marijuana. So what do these numbers tell you? For me at least, I can see that arguments for prohibition is unjustified and not backed up by scientific evidence. Why should Marijuana be illegal when other substances that have far greater damage be permitted by the law?

Why is marijuana illegal? Oppose to popular belief, there was no medical or scientific evidence to deem this drug illegal. In fact, Marijuana was legal as recently as when Ronald Reagan was a child. The negative stigma behind Marijuana was caused hy...
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