Dea Task Force

Topics: Heroin, Drug, Illegal drug trade Pages: 10 (3860 words) Published: February 16, 2013
For years now, drug trafficking has been a concern for the nation’s government. Not only is this true, but it is a major problem in other countries as well. Since drug usage and trafficking was considered a high priority problem, the DEA also known as the drug enforcement administration was created. This administration began in 1973 by President Nixon. Nixon’s intentions by creating the DEA would be to monitor the drug trafficking and its problems within the United States and throughout other countries around the world. Since the creation of this agency, there has been a stop to a great deal of the drug problems around the world. Although the DEA began in 1973, there was a very similar administration that had been around since the year, 1915. This was known as the department of internal revenue. In later years, beginning in the 1960’s, two other agencies began to assist with the drug enforcement concerns around the world. These were known as the federal bureau of narcotics and the bureau of drug abuse. During the 60’s is when drug problems were at its peak throughout the world and in the United States. Since the drug problems began to rise, despise the efforts of these newly formed agencies, the DEA was created, President Richard Nixon proposed a plan in 1973 to the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives to have one single agency coordinate the government’s drug control activities. There was a great deal of governmental activity that involved the control of drugs and the DEA between the years 1973 and 1975. Because of this, the DEA then decided to further their agencies resources and created their intelligence program. This program was then divided into three sub groups. The first group was known as operational. This group was to, “provide analytical support to investigations and structuring organizations.” (US Drug Enforcement Administration) The second sub group was the strategic group. Their job was to focus on, “developing a comprehensive and current picture of the entire system by which drugs cultivated, produced, transported, smuggled and distributed around the world.” (US Drug Enforcement Administration) The third and final group is known as the tactical group. They are in charge of, “providing support to investigation efforts by identifying traffickers and movements of various drugs.” (US Drug Enforcement Administration) During the years 1973 and 1975, the DEA worked in collaboration with Mexico in hopes to decrease the numbers of drug trafficking across the border. The DEA helped revise a few problems in Mexico to provide a solution to their brown heroin problem. This was one of the more common drugs that had been constantly trafficked around this time period. The newly revised program was also helpful in fighting against marijuana and opium. The Central Tactical Units, also known as CENTAC’s was introduced in 1975. The DEA felt that this association was needed to focus all of their efforts on a national level with quick responses. The main objective of CENTAC’s was to concentrate their enforcement efforts on major trafficking organizations. The DEA had sent eight CENTAC units to Asia, Mexico and Lebanon to investigate heroin and three units were sent to Latin America to monitor the trafficking of cocaine. (US Drug Enforcement Administration) One CENTAC unit in particular, 16 was split into two divisions. These two newly formed divisions were responsible for investigating the East Coast and West Coast. “CENTAC 16 ultimately indicted 100 major traffickers, along with 61 lesser criminals.” (US Drug Enforcement Administration) Overall, this program was considered to be very successful. During the time period of 1976 through 1980, the DEA made some significant drug busts. One of which was known as the Black Tuna Gang. This gang had been caught smuggling five hundred tons of marijuana into the United States. Operation Banco was hired in 1977 to help with this investigation in hopes to convict the Black Tuna...
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