Death Came to See Me in Hot Pink Pants

Topics: Drug, Drug addiction, Heroin Pages: 4 (1059 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Last night, I dreamt
that Death came to see me
in hot-pink pants
and matching waistcoat too.
He was a beautiful black saga boy.
Forcing open the small door of my wooden cage,
he filled my frame of vision
with a broad white smile,
and as he reached for my throat,
the pink sequins on his shoulders
winked at me.
Last night, I dreamt
that Death came to see me in hot-pink pants.
He was a beautiful black saga boy
and I hit him with a polished staff
of yellow wood,
and he went down.
But as he reached for me once more,
Laughing, laughing that saga boy laugh,
I awoke, holding myself,
unable to breathe.
How beautiful was Death
in hot-pink pants with matching waistcoat too.
Poet: Heather Royes
MANIFEST LEVEL OF SIGNIFICATION (on-the-surface reading)
The personification of Death (psychedelic characterization); symbolized by Death’s colourful and cheerful disguise conceals its true intentions—to kill. The attractive and brightly coloured dress of Death induces the persona into a drugged-like passive acceptance of Death’s intrusion into his life/home/space. In the first stanza, the persona is recollecting on a dream he experienced the previous night. During this subconscious encounter he is visited by the personified Death wearing “hot-pink pants/and matching waistcoat”; whose ethnicity as a “beautiful black saga boy” is in striking contrast to his brightly coloured attire. In the subconscious realm of the persona, the representation of Death as a well-dressed ‘ladies’ man, West Indian playboy and minstrel figure (a travelling musician, perhaps of Trinidadian heritage) distracts both the persona and reader from exercising a conscious and guarded counter response to Death’s sole purpose: to end (his and all) life. Notwithstanding Death’s seemingly entertaining and friendly presence, “he filled my frame of vision/with a broad white smile”, the inevitable outcome (of Death’s true intentions) is quickly realized by the persona who recounts, “as he reached...
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