Debate on mandatory drug testing

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Illegal drug trade Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: January 25, 2014
Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen

Today’s motion is school students should face a mandatory drug testing session. That is, students have to be drug tested.

I support the motion because such scheme protects both students and the whole society. I will put forward 2 strong reasons today about the advantages of this mandatory scheme.

Firstly, it serves as a strong deterrent. Drug abuse remains a serious problem in schools. Many anti-drugs campaigns implemented by the government were ineffective in controlling the worsening situation. In spite of the widespread information about the dangers of taking drugs, students still try out drugs due to their curiosity and peer pressure. Moreover, schools are often chosen as a place for students to take drugs. Nevertheless, it is difficult for schools to set up security cameras to observe students’ behaviors.

Therefore, the government’s policy on mandatory drug testing is necessary. In the mandatory urinary tests, if students get positive results, the records will be reported to the school. This adversely affects their academic performances and future. This effectively deters the drug abuse problem among students. Once the scheme becomes common, it can strengthen students’ resolve to say no to drugs. And most importantly, a anti-drug culture can be created in society.

Secondly, it protects students’ health. Initially, it is the responsibility of parents to make sure their children stay away from drugs. But then, they lead a busy life. Hence, they are unable to realize their kids’ addictions and help them to tackle it. The mandatory drug testing can find students who struggle from drug abuse. That is the aim of the scheme. It does not purpose at punishing these students but to help them. We all know that drugs are disastrous and harmful to our bodies. Providing more services to these students can secure the health of these youngsters.

Some people worry about the expensive cost on implementing such a...
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