Definition of Drugs and Drug Abuse, Where We Stand Today

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Definition of Drugs and Drug Abuse; Where We Stand Today. Drugs are substances that people use to enhance their performance in sports, physical activities and just mainly to perform daily activities. Mainly, there is probably no precise definition of drugs, as it is not only used in doping, as it is used in drinks and is used as substances to ail your normal illness like the common flu and headaches. In Pharmacology, it is used to cure diseases and more complex illnesses that need advanced technology and medicine to be cured. Some people basically use drugs to satisfy an addiction. They do so with illegal drugs. People overuse drugs so much, that it corrupts them and contributes to killing them. The term "drug abuse" does not exclude reliance of the drug for medical reasons, but is otherwise used in a similar manner in nonmedical contexts. Today, it’s so bad, that it’s destroying individual lives, families and it’s contributing to criminal activities. Factually, drug or substance abuse is prevalent with some 120 million people, using hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Sadly, in my opinion, that shows 120 million lives being destroyed. Damages of Drug Abuse:

Drug abuse affects the way we think, feel and behave. It causes life-threatening diseases and effects, like Hepatitis B&C, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Heart Failure and raised Stress Levels. Drugs in Sports:

This is a serious matter because people use drugs at professional competitions, like the Olympics, and it spoils the thrill of just the idea of it being a competition, fair play and the career of the drug user. On the whole, drugs should not be abused, and we have to find a way to prevent this before it’s to late.

Types of Drugs
There are different types of drugs, like:
1. Cannabis
2. Hallucinogens
3. Opiates
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