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Topics: Illegal drug trade, Criminal law, Heroin Pages: 3 (1690 words) Published: December 17, 2014
Bill Rallia, a 25 year old male, stabbed his cousin, Nino Schenquist during an altercation. On February 1, 2006 Nino and Bill took an illegal drug called cocaine together. After finishing their supply, Nino decided to visit a drug dealer by the name of Blow Thomas. Nino came up with a scam to obtain the drugs but never exchanged the detail of his plan with Bill. At this point, Bill had no idea what Nino’s plan was. The only thing that Bill knew was that they were going to buy more cocaine for their own personal use from a drug dealer named Blow which happens to live in the same house as Bill’s sister, Sandra. Bill rode with Nino in the car half way to Blow’s house but was dropped off by Nino at a local convenience store. The only thing that Bill knew was that Nino was going to try a scam on Blow in order to obtain more cocaine for partying purposes. Nino provided himself and Bill with a steak knife. Nino told Bill that he was giving him the knife because he might need a little protection after executing his plan. Nino did provide Bill with the knife before partying. Bill accepted the knife. However, I do not believe that Bill had any intentions of stabbing anyone especially the person that his sister lived with nonetheless Nino which was his cousin and close friend. Bill did mention to Nino that he can party as good as him. Bill was aware that drugs were to be obtained. However, Nino at no point in time shared the detail of his plan with Bill on how he was to obtain the cocaine from Blow. Bill was told to wait for Nino at the convenience store until he returned. Bill was not allowed to visit Blow’s house because he was previously accused of stealing so this is why he was dropped off at the store. Now please note that Bill still has no knowledge at this point of what Nino has planned to obtain the cocaine for their own personal use. After 45 minutes, Bill decided to go to Blow’s house and knock on the door. Bill knocks on the door and at this point Nino rushed at...
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