Drug Addiction

Topics: Drug addiction, Drug, Addiction Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: August 10, 2012
Research problem
The century's repeated crises surrounding illegal drug addiction have been, as always when addiction is at issue, an ongoing cycle of profit and damage in which narcopolitics has gone decisively global, on the one hand, and has become an affair of representations and words, on the other. The drug itself, as object of desire, is at once utterly coercive and nugatory: it's junk, the broken residue of useful technology, the leavings of instrumental reason; as an object it no longer makes sense and belongs in a junkyard (Brodie & Redfield 2002). Drug is the ideal product. It sells itself; and in doing so it reverses the official relation between consumer and product, to reveal a hallucination that is in fact the truth of consumer capitalism. The consumer is not sold the product but is rather sold to the product. As everyone knows the enlightened magic of advertising consists in making people desire things for no better reason than that they are being advertised. The object has become purely and simply the need for the object. In one sense, it is no longer properly an object at all. This non object is just as far from being a screen onto which a subject projects its desire. The subject of desire has been produced by the product, even though the product is nothing more than a placeholder for desire. Drugs was a powerful model of addiction, one that cannot be understood in terms of the competition between the individual's desires and her will, one that in fact helped to create an identity that cannot be understood in terms of the subject-centered discourse of the market at all. Indeed, according to a common description of inebriety, drugs once ingested, does not evoke a monstrous desire in the user so much as replace the individual agent with its own monstrous agency (Levinson 2002). The proposed paper aims to understand drug addiction in young people.

Aims and objectives
1.Understand the concept of addiction.
2.Analyze the reasons for drug...
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