Drug and Alcohol Awareness

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Drug and Alcohol Awareness

After conducting our research we have discovered that drug and alcohol awareness is a major factor in preventing the abuse by employees. Drug and alcohol awareness is the first step in recognizing that there may be a problem with how people are handling their stress on a daily basis. Rather than dealing with drug and alcohol abuse when it’s too late, our team believes that addressing the causes of abuse before they start would benefit both the company as well as its employees. While it is important to inform our employees of the consequences that using illegal drugs while employed at PMA may bring to them, we believe that it is also imperative for them to realize how easily one can transition from a casual drinker to someone that relies on drinking to get through the day. In addition, many people commonly think of cocaine or marijuana as the primary narcotics being used in the workplace, but new drugs are on the rise that are just as dangerous, if not more so. Past year abuse of prescription pain killers now ranks second—only behind marijuana—as the Nation's most prevalent illegal drug problem (“Prescription Drug Abuse,” 2009). Unfortunately alcohol abuse is not something we can test for, but many substances that would also come up are legal as well. A priority of our drug awareness would be to notify the employees that usage of prescription drugs without proper physician documentation is also illegal. According to the National Drug Intelligence Center more than 35 million individuals used illicit drugs or abused prescription drugs in 2007 (“National Drug,” 2008.) From the year 1999 to through 2004 prescription drug deaths nearly doubled on a national scale (Fig. 3). To think that these figures have not effected business around America would be negligent and irresponsible.

|Year |Prescription Opiods |
|1999 |2757 |
|2000 |2932...
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