Drug Cartel Violence Coming Soon to America

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Mexican Drug War Pages: 8 (3561 words) Published: March 25, 2013

Drug Cartel Violence Coming Soon to America

Kyle R. Malin

Southern New Hampshire University

Drug Cartel Violence is seen nationwide on a daily basis. The gorilla like warfare has had some spill over into the United States. Due to the high demand of illicit drugs by Americans and immigrants living in America the cartels will continue to make money and do whatever it takes to get their drugs into the US. Americans will continue to suffer financially as policies are created by administrations to allow immigrants to stay. America has been founded on a principal as a land of opportunity to all. This philosophy has not changed when it comes to immigrants entering the country from Mexico. America will continue to see violence begin to spill over at alarming rates as cartels move their operations slowly into the United States.

On June 3rd, 2012 five bodies were found burned to a crisp inside of a sport utility vehicle about sixty miles south of Phoenix, Arizona in Pinal County. The bodies in the vehicle badly burned and the vehicle located in a high area for drug and human trafficking between Mexico and the United States. Bodies which were placed in the vehicle one in the front passenger seat and four more lying down in the cargo area, all clearly deceased upon the arrival of United States Border Patrol Agents. Was this an act of random violence or was it a connection to a drug trafficking organization known as a Cartel. This is just one instance of violence that has taken place in the area of Vekol Valley desert according to Pinal County Sheriff Babeu (CNN Wire Staff, 2012). Drug Cartels are making their way into the United States at an alarming rate. Their violent tactics are being seen across the border and law enforcing agencies are responding to their actions and finding the usual outcome which is violence unlike anything that has ever been seen. Historically Drug Cartels only operated in Mexico and South American Countries until the 1990’s (Federation of American Scientists, 2007). This was until the caputre of key leaders of domintate cartels in the region which, lead to an uprise for control of Mexico’s drug trade. This never ending fight has spawned violence which is broadcasted all over the media and social networking internet sites. The cartels are making it known that they will do what ever it takes to keep control of their trafficking lines and will be the most powerful cartels in Mexico and the border states of the United States. This savage gorilla style warfare will continue for years to come because the United States has a high demand for narcotics, there will always be a desire to have more money by each cartel, and the United States will always be one step behind in the fight to control the border.

The United States has always been known for its large demand for illicit drugs some of the most popular being marijuana and cocaine (Center, 2010). A demand so high that 90% of cocaine used by Americans transits right through Mexico (Federation of American Scientists, 2007). Although, there is not a set standard for the amount of drugs that enter into the country the big problem is that cartels want people to purchase their drugs only. This is where the fight comes in for control of sales and distribution into the United States. Although it is a large gap the marijuna market alone in the United States accounts for 10 million dollars to 120 million dollars (PBS, 2012). This demand is what is said to be a problem in the first place. Drug sales and trafficking into the United States is big business according to these numbers. A cartel operates like a business and would not be sending large amounts of marijuna into the United States unless their was a demand for it. Drug sales are just like a Wal-Mart. Items in Walmart are only stocked on shelf based on how they are sold. So if an item is not sold Walmart does not...

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