Drug Courier Advisory

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Heroin Pages: 3 (595 words) Published: February 23, 2011

1. Filipinos, mostly women migrant workers are being used as drug mules/couriers for international trafficking of illegal drugs by foreigners as well compatriots. These mules/couriers are offered juicy compensation, free travel and sometimes promise of marriage for women.

2. To date, 500 Filipinos – mostly women – are still languishing in various jails abroad for drug trafficking, according to the DFA. Of this figure, almost half or 227 cases involve Filipinos in China, while the rest involve those in the Middle East and neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

3. The modes of transporting drugs through the mules/couriers are: a. Carrying packages which contain the drugs with or without the knowledge of the carrier by hiding the properly wrapped cargo in secret compartments in the luggage/suitcase. b. Undergoing minor operation to hide the cargo in the person’s body or tattooing the body area where the drug is pasted. c. Swallowing or ingesting the drug wrapped in latex and capsules and later to be excreted at the destination point. d. Using a detection - proof vest lined with the substance.

4. Consequences for drug couriers/mules are imprisonment and, worse, death sentence, depending on the country where the courier will be caught; not to mention the infection that may be caused by putting unwanted substances in the body through forced swallowing or minor operation.

5. Let us make the members of our community be aware of the harmful effects of illegal drug trafficking on our country, our family and our person in order for the public not be an easy prey to these illegal drug syndicates.



1. Maraming Pilipino, karaniwa’y mga babaeng OFW, ang ginagamit ngayon bilang mga drug mule/courier ng mga banyaga at ilang kababayan upang magpuslit ng ilegal na droga sa ibang bansa....
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