Drug Crime Control Initiative

Topics: Crime, Police, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (708 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Drug Crime Control Initiative
Cynthia Lowry
Southern New Hampshire University

Introduction to Criminal Justice
David Conner
March 5, 2013


Drugs, both legal and illegal continue to grow as a problem in the United States. Even though only a minor part of the population use illegal drugs in the United States, control of the problem has to remain an upfront priority in the community and with law enforcement. If the supply of the drugs is reduced, then demand for the drugs could be treated with programs and the harm to the community and individuals would diminish.

Drug Crime Control Initiative

With a four part plan to fight drug trafficking and the crime associated with the drug trade a community can regain some form of safety. Each part of the plan has to be based on the public’s input, as well as polices that have been up into place. The cost of drug use in substantial. “The cost of prevention, treatment, loss of productivity in the workplace, property crime, theft, accidents and law enforcement activity associated with drugs and alcohol in Australia is as much as $18 billion” (Drugs 1998-1999). The first part of the plan would be to support a drug and gang task force that has over sight of city and state projects. This task force would be able to streamline the process of interdiction and arrest of drug related offenders. Coordination between law enforcement agencies improve the efficacy of individual county-drug efforts. By increasingly reinforcing one another; sharing information and resources; removing conflicts between operations, establishing common priorities, and focusing energies across the spectrum of criminal activities, we increase our overall capabilities (Homeland security 1998). The second part of the plan support improvement to the criminal justice information sharing. This would include the sharing between local and state officials and between agencies within the same city. This part of the...
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