Drug Dealers

Topics: Illegal drug trade, English-language films, "I Quit" match Pages: 4 (1260 words) Published: May 15, 2006
This world has three things in it, drugs, drug dealers, and cops. That's were I come in Jack W. Slouts. I was twenty years old when one I was visiting my parents. Dani slouts, my dad was all was much unorganized and skitersh. Ashley slouts, my mom was all ways nervous the floor would barely creek and she would jump. I never knew why till one day I was cleaning up my dad's desk, there lay an export form for fifty thousand keys. Of heroin.

At first I told my self it was nothing, I was seeing things. I came out of the room in a state of shock I was very white in the face and the paper griped tightly in my hand. I asked if it was true if he was into dealing drugs. He exclaimed it is true but I never meant for you to find out, well at least like this!

He had immediately broken into about how broke he was I was so broke I had to sell the third Ferrari he exclaimed! I came right back at him with that's a three hundred and fifty thousand dollar car, and you have three!

After storming out of my parents house I realised I didn't value life as much as I use to, I quit the job my parents had set up for me, "Slouts enterprise". It was a good job; we sold the latest and greatest electronics. Until I sold my job and started was working under my parents as lead import-export of the supply's and drugs.

Things were going really good for me, until one day I got a call from the F.B.I. they said my parents were on drugs and had over dosed. They said they had gotten a tip from a person named Fred Slouts, they said that he wanted them to check on my parents because he was suspicious of them.

Around that time I jumped in the car and went to the factory there I found my uncle I asked him to come to the back room with me. When we got there I pulled I gun on him and asked him why he had called the F.B.I. he started to say something about he made me.

That's around the time I pulled the trigger, I didn't want to here any of his I its not my fault crap. I turned my...
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