drug dealing

Topics: Drug cartel, Illegal drug trade, Heroin Pages: 6 (2332 words) Published: January 27, 2014
Global problem that the world is facing today is drugg dealing


In this final paper I will be describing how drug dealing is a global problem that affects the entire world. As we know drugs are becoming more common than before, with this new generation and new technology drug dealers are capable of developing new drugs that leads to high rates of addiction, crime, aids, puberty, prostitution, death, etc. Illegals drugs such as marihuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasies are taking control of our society, and the health of our family members, friends and economy, I will also describe the major cartels, the most used drugs, and the major exporters around the world. And the effect in our bodies. First I would like to start saying that drug dealing is an illegal process in which people cultivate, manufacture and sale the outcome around the world, as we all know drug dealing is illegal in almost every single country around the globe, of course there are exceptions such as Amsterdam and for the consumption for medicinal purposes such as weed ,this drug is used in some states to treat things like depression, people with glaucoma, people with several muscle pains, and for people with sleeping disorders.

In some countries it is not only illegal like Uruguay, they just passed this new law in which the production and consumption of marihuana is legal for people 18 and older, the congress said that this is the best way to fight the drug dealing and the best way to reduce crime in this country; also in some countries you can get death penalty. I remember that few months ago I was watching in the news how 3 Mexican guys were about the be sentenced to death because they were smuggling drugs in to Malaysia , this is one of the countries that has this kind of punishments to drug dealers, I also believe that you can get death penalty in Singapore. How drug dealing affect the world?

The world has been affected by drug dealing specially with marihuana, since this drug can be cultivated in every single part of the world, is common for us in the united states to watch in the news how the police found young people cultivating this drug in their houses, this leads to an increase of puberty and crime in all the states of this country because when young people use illegal drugs they are most likely to drop out of high school, as a result of that they get kick out the house and then.. is when all this starts because at this point they are looking for ways to get easy money and to become financial independents, but it is very hard for young people to achieve this kind of goals at early age, that is why young men tend to become a gang member or to become a future drug dealer, in the case of females it is very different because drugs have a different physical and physiological effect, the majority of females become prostitutes in order to get easy money and this sometimes is link to an early pregnancy and to the spread of aids, HIV, Gonorrhea, etc. What are the most abused drugs and the effects they have on the people? *Marijuana: this drug is one of the most used in the USA for the majority of drug users; it can be smoke by pipe, blunt and according to the nation surveys this drug has become more popular in high schools than cigarettes, this drug can affect our brain by killing brain cells, affects the way we solve problems and can cause problems in our academic performance, relationships, and decreases the IQ. *Prescription drugs: as we all know prescription drugs are well known for the majority of Americans, the most common prescription drug in the USA is oxycontin this prescribed drug is usually used to relieve severe pain , “back on the days when I used to live in north Carolina I was involve in a car accident and I was sent to the hospital for 7 days , after that the doctor prescribed me oxycontin, and I can ensure that once I tried this for the first time I knew...
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