Drug Laws

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Serina Harvell
Mr. Colagross
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14 April 2014

The Drug Laws:
A Time For Change

The so-called "drug war", and "drug laws" haven't seemed to be as effective as it was supposed to be. Its original intent was to attack the drug problem in America. President Richard Nixon started the war on drugs in the late sixties to stop drug abuse at the source, the distributors. Another intention of the drug laws was to show individuals that taking part in this illegal activity would cause serious consequences. The government has taken drastic measures to keep drugs out of our nations streets by attacking the frontline of the Columbian drug fields, and making numerous drug busts in urban cities across the United States. 

In the 1960s, drugs became symbols of young rebellion. The government stopped scientific research to analyze their medical safety. In June 1971, President Nixon declared a “war on drugs.” Nixon's austerity was the size and presence of the federal drug control. Nixon temporarily placed marijuana in the most prohibitive category of drugs. In 1972, the commission recommended the possession and distribution of marijuana for personal use. In 1896 the congress saw an connection to outsmart the republican by "getting tenacious on drugs."

People experiment with drugs for many different reasons. They use drugs out of curiosity, to have a good time, and especially peer pressure. Young people do drugs to cope with their negative feelings and emotions. Also, there are psychiatric problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Drug addiction is a confused disease that can change the brain in ways which can affect someone's entire life.

Drug trafficking is a trade that involves the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of substances to drug prohibition laws. Trafficking laws to impose the selling of transportation, and illegal import of unlawful controlled substances. There are a variety of punishments for drug trafficking. drug trafficking is a felony, and it is a serious crime more than drug possession. If the officer assumes you are selling anything you will be facing the drug charges.

During World War 2, farmers were allowed to grow hemp (types of drugs). Some nations allowed hemp to be grown for industrial use. Hemp was to be grown as the use of textiles, paper, rope, and other products. Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in the world. It has a cotton comfort, and a wool for insulation. Hemp can be converted to the use as fuel, and the replacement of gasoline. It can be made into a strong cloth, and it would last as three times as long as regular paper. Hemp was good to fill up all the gas and oil energy needs.

Most people who do drugs have a certain behavior. Drugs can cause people to have bulwark anger problems, and they can lose control of their aggression. People who do hard core drugs and be extremely violent and can lead to many other tragedies if that person does not get want they want. Most people sell their bodies or do other crazy stuff just to get drug money. They maintain two-hundred-dollars a day, an addict need to steal at least one thousand dollars to get what they want. An average drug addict would commit three hundred crimes a year just to get their "drug money".

Money is a major issue to drugs. The U.S. spends billons to enforce the drug laws. The states spend 6.4% of their criminal programs, and only 3.8% on housing and the environment. Also, the states and government are trying to balance their budget on schools, education, lunch programs, and other foundational items. The opponents of the drug laws permit drug enforcement agents to seize drug money.

There are a number of ways to work to change the drug laws, and drug enforcement policies. The strength of civil disobedience is that a small number of people can bring about sweeping social change. There are many important changes in America society that have risen from judicial decisions. Drug laws...

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