Drug Obsession

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Drug Obsession
Most teenagers tend to want to try new things because it’s shown on TV in a cool or unique way. Drugs are a popular topic for TV shows, movies, music, and music videos for this generation. TV shows, movies, and music show that it’s okay to do and or sell illegal substances clearly this is wrong. Showing drugs in this capacity give the illusion that it’s okay to take or do them. This makes teenagers assume that it is alright to take the substance even though it is not. Drug shows, movies, and music also don’t show how it impacts your life.

Showing drugs on TV shows teenagers that it’s not that bad to use the drugs. Certain shows show the family’s selling the illegal substance and never getting caught. Just because TV shows show the family not getting caught doesn’t mean you wouldn’t. TV shows that show the use of drugs doesn’t make it right to do them but teenagers like to try new things and TV shows help them find new things to try. TV shows that show these types of drugs don’t always show the long term effects of using the drugs.

One show that puts these negative ideas in teenagers’ heads is Weeds. Weeds, episodes shown on Showtime have been playing for eight seasons starting in 2005. This TV show is about a suburban mother who starts selling weed after her husband dies to support her children. The show progressively drags both sons into the business of dealing the marijuana. As Rachel Thomas states, “Nancy’s boys, who have been completely traumatized by the death of their father and drug selling mother, begins selling drugs as well.” On this program it shows the money rolling in from dealing drugs, the nice cars everyone gets to drive, and the nice life everyone gets to lead. Unfortunately in reality, people who do become part of this lifestyle generally end up in rehab, jail, or worse. This show glamorizes the life of selling and using drugs.

Weeds is not the only TV program that embellishes selling and using drugs,...
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